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Frequently asked questions:

Q. Why is the word "practise" misspelled in the poem When I Am An Old Woman?
A. Because the author, Jenny Joseph, is from England and that is the English spelling.

Q. Do you sell your products to stores?
A. Yes, we sell to gift stores throughout the United States and Canada.

Q. Can just anyone publish or use the poem When I Am An Old Woman?
A. Sorry, no. It is under the copyright of Jenny Joseph. Elizabeth Lucas Designs has had the exclusive license to publish the poem on greeting cards and gifts since 1984.

Q. Why are there so many ladies wearing red hats?
A. Women have loved the poem we publish that begins When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple With A Red Hat for years and years. Red Hat ladies began their groups because they saw our products that feature the famous poem. The internet has allowed the opportunity for groups to expand quickly and to keep in touch with each other. Elizabeth has added many products featuring red hats to her line over the years.
Q. How can I order your products?
A. Please go to our web site at or call our toll free number at 800-535-8227. You can mail a check or pay by all major credit cards.

Q. Do you ship to countries outside of the USA?
A. Yes. Please visit our web site and be sure to indicate Global Priority Mail for shipping.

Elizabeth in her booth at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles. Store Buyers can see our entire line at the L.A. Gift Mart at the R.E.P.S. showroom. We are represented throughout the nation. Please call us for the name of the sales rep near you!
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Gentle reflections . . .Elizabeth's calligraphy and water color art capture the essence of the beautiful poem "Letting Go" whose message speaks to us all. ©2001 Elizabeth Lucas Designs All Rights Reserved